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Teaches and Trains

The Cutoff Man is an innovative and effective tool for the coach who wants nothing but the best for the team. It helps assess skills in footwork and positioning. Identifies areas that need to be improved ...

Optimizes Practice Time

Your players will get in twice as many reps. No wasted time chasing balls. Quickly exchange an empty bucket for the one collected by The Cutoff Man and get back into practice without losing your tempo.

Serves Multiple Purposes

You can use The Cutoff Man in a wide variety of ways. This phenomenal tool + your expertise and imagination = your team members’ improved skills & confidence.      

Maximizes Impact of Practice

 Spend more time addressing individual coaching needs. Your players are able to practice fielding and combine it with throwing without the need of an extra individual. 

Ergonomically Engineered for Maximum Mobility

Roll to a new position in minutes by one person.

Net Collects Balls To Save Time & Wasted Effort

Net absorbs the force of the throw and collects balls into standard bucket for easy transfer.

Folds Quickly For Easy Storage

Net and frame stay together when folded. Takes up a minimal amount of storage space.

Durable And Built To Last

Made to withstand the effects of sun, rain, wind as well as the force of high speed throws.